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Caroline Hill, MBA

Financial Advisor



Tax Efficient Investing Strategies

In this workshop, we will explore a number of powerful tax-savings strategies to consider implementing now, including how to grow your portfolio in a tax-efficient way. Join us to learn how to reduce your capital gains tax so you keep more of the money you make. We will also highlight some of the simple changes you can make today to pass more money to your heirs.

Home Buyers & Sellers

Despite high prices and low inventory, it seems like everyone is either buying or selling there home these days. In this workshop, we will explore some of the issues that home buyers and sellers are experiencing and the different ways in which they could both increase the power of their money.

Quality Time

Conversations to Have with Aging Parents​​​​​​

Knowing that parents and loved ones are aging is often difficult to reconcile. While never easy, having tough and thoughtful conversations now about finances, health care and estates will create less of a burden for you and your entire family later on. In this presentation we will cover the best most and impactful areas to cover in those conversations in order to maximize their success.

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