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Craig Gingerich, CFP®, C(k)P®, AIF®, CHSA®

Financial Advisor


Countdown to Retirement

If you are within 5 years of retirement, there are decisions you can’t afford to get wrong. What’s more, you may not even know the right questions to be asking. Learn steps now to avoid worrying about money after you’ve stopped showing up to work.


I Maxed Out My 401(k), Now What?

You’ve hit the maximum contribution on your 401(k) and taken advantage of the full tax benefits. Do you find yourself wondering ‘what’s next?’ You can’t afford to stop saving and fall behind for retirement, but sometimes it feels like you’re forfeiting half of everything you earn to the government. Join Craig for an overview of the most tax efficient steps worth considering once you’ve maxed out your 401(k).


**This class is only available online.**