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The Road to Retirement: Planning
for Income in Your Golden Years

Presented by:
Jeff Jones

Join us as we explore the highway of retirement planning, covering topics like mapping your investment portfolio, navigating the twists and turns of Social Security benefits, and avoiding potholes in healthcare costs. Buckle up and get ready to shift gears towards a financially secure future!

Tuesday, July 25th      (12:00)

Kim Nugent.jpg

Empowering Women: Taking Charge of Your Financial Future

Presented by:
Kim Nugent, CFP®

This seminar is designed to equip women with the knowledge and tools to achieve financial independence. We’ll explore topics such as investment strategies, retirement planning, and protecting your wealth and legacy. Join us to build a secure and prosperous future by making informed financial decisions.

Thursday, August 3rd    (12:00)

Brennan Redmond.jpg


Presented by:
Brennan Redmond, CFA, CFP®

The boom/bust cycles of the economy have not been repealed. In this workshop, we will review the compelling evidence that a recession is near, followed by a discussion on its implications for portfolio management.


Wednesday, July 26th    (12:00)

Craig Gingerich.jpg

The Tax Law Tsunami

Presented by: Craig Gingerich,
CFP®, C(k)P®, AIF®, CHSA®

Did you know that the U.S. Tax Code is set to change in 2026? In this class, we'll discuss strategies to navigate the storm of 2026 tax law changes and how to make best use of the remaining three years before IRS rules take a dark turn.


Tuesday, July 18th   (12:00)

Kris DowjekO.jpg

Get Your 
Affairs in Order

Presented by:
Kris Dowejko

Would your family know what to do if something happened to you? Have you been named Executor to handle someone else’s affairs?  In this session, we’ll discuss Probate and how to avoid it, what the role of the Executor really means, and you’ll learn our simple two- step process to make things easier for your loved ones.

Wednesday, July 19th      (12:00)


Smart Money
Moves in Your 60s 

Presented by:
Sarah Stymus

Now that you’re getting closer to retirement age, you’re likely facing a tidal wave of decisions you’ve never had to address before. From maximizing retirement accounts to Medicare, join us to learn how to take control of your finances before your retire!

Thursday, July 27th    (12:00)

Doug Parker.jpg

Becoming a
Florida Resident

Presented by:
Douglas E. Parker, CFP®, AIF®

The perks of Florida include more than palm trees, sunshine and Mickey Mouse. With no state income tax, it’s easy to see why Florida and other states repeatedly rank as top places to live. Join us to learn how to change your residency and make your retirement dollars go further by not sharing them with the state.

Thursday, July 20th      (12:00)

Zach Armstrong.jpg

Mastering the Art of Cutting
Costs in Retirement

Presented by:
Zachary Armstrong, CFP®

In this dynamic presentation, we'll go beyond conventional cost-cutting methods and discover the advanced strategies financial professionals focus on to minimize the greatest costs retirees face. We’ll cover topics such as healthcare, housing, taxes and much more. Participants will gain valuable insights into leveraging their financial resources effectively, maximizing savings, and maintaining their lifestyle without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Wednesday, August 2nd     (12:00)

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