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Zachary Armstrong, CFP®

Vice President

Financial Advisor


Inflation, Crypto & Investing In An Overvalued Market

In this broad ranging presentation we will talk in detail about the high price of the stock market, how to think about investing for the future to be successful, and about one of the fastest growing innovations in the market right now: Cryptocurrency. We’ll also discuss how government spending, inflation, and cryptocurrency tie in to the overall stock market and be able to draw some conclusions as to what to expect from the economy moving forward.

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Tax & Estate Planning for High Net Worth Investors

In this workshop, we will explore a number of powerful tax-savings strategies to consider implementing now, including how to grow your portfolio in a tax-efficient way. Join us to learn how to reduce your capital gains tax so you keep more of the money you make. We will also highlight some of the simple changes you can make today to pass more money to your heirs.

Protecting Your Assets from the Nursing Home

The average cost of a nursing care stay in Monroe County is approaching $200,000 per year. Without a plan, these costs can quickly drain your hard earned dollars. Join Financial Advisor, Zachary Armstrong, CFP® and Attorney, Stephen Bennet, Esq of Evans Foxx LLP to learn several financial and legal strategies to protect your money and prevent your nest egg from depleting.

**This class is only available online.**

New Growth

Investing For Growth While Avoiding Landmines

Investment markets have been unusually high and interest rates look set to rise. It is now more important than ever to be very selective and careful with your investing as there are some warning signs in the markets. Come learn how you can aim to invest for solid growth while avoiding the more dangerous areas of the stock and bond market.

**This class is only available online.**

Cyber Security & Protecting Your Assets

Financial fraud is more prevalent than ever before and early detection and protection is crucial. This seminar will discuss many financial risks that you may not even be aware exist. In today’s society, we need to do more than ever to protect our credit, identity, and financial accounts. Come learn about many of the ways online criminals can attack you financially and the things you should be doing to protect yourself from identity theft, fraud, and hackers.

**This class is only available online.**

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